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Who We Support

Department of Veteran Services Massachusetts is proud to lead the nation in supporting veterans and their families and the Hero Triathlon series is another tremendous demonstration for our Commonwealth's on-going commitment to serve those that have served this nation. Additionally, as women are the fastest growing segment of our veterans' population, it is especially significant that this series will help support the Massachusetts Women Veterans' Network and other veteran service organizations making a different in the lives of those veterans and loved ones.

-Secretary Coleman Nee, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Veteran' Services

The primary purpose and drive behind the HERO TRIATHLON SERIES is to help the very people who fight for our freedom. We are proud to support and raise funds for the Women's Veterans Network of Massachusetts.

Women are THE fastest growing segment of our veterans population. More than 28,000 women veterans have returned to Massachusetts from serving our country in just the last 10 years and they need our help. Although most pre and post-deployment issues are similar for all veterans given the two (2) wars that the United States has been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, women have significant additional needs that are unique and physiologically different than those of male veterans. Many women veterans have suffered traumatic physical injuries while deployed overseas: driving convoys, serving as MP's and being in combat areas where they were exposed to hostile enemy fire, suicide bombers and IED's. Yet women veterans often face criticism for serving our country - especially if they have children that must be left at home when they deploy. When compared to their male counterparts, women veterans have a higher divorce rate, are four (4) times as likely to become homeless, and are more likely to struggle with depression and other psychological issues due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a result of historical biases regarding what duties our women veterans perform in this modern era, women veterans often face a general under-appreciation for their service to our country.

Thank you for your support.

The Hero Triathlon Team